De Kwestie Wolf – BNR

Music composition and music recording/mixing/mastering

The wolf is doing something strange to us. The return of the animal in the Netherlands divides us into supporters and opponents. Almost no one is pro- or anti grebe. In “De kwestie Wolf” by BNR, Mark Beekhuis investigates the question: what makes our interaction with the wolf so complicated?

This was a special project. I was asked to compose the music theme, inspired by the typical sound a wolf makes when it howls (a great idea from Connor Clerx). Then we headed into the Wisseloord Studios where we recorded the music with a few seasoned jazz musicians (Rob Sprinkhuizen, Jo Didderen, and Marc Huynen).

And soon it’s ‘1 + 1 = 3’ because we also let the musicians improvise on the music theme. This resulted in a lot of new material, from melodies to various soundscapes. The result is music that seamlessly connects with the feeling of the wolf; you don’t have to guess which animal the trumpet occasionally hints at!

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