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New work! I had the opportunity to compose music for BNR’s ‘Baan door het Brein’. From atmospheric soundscapes to full-on orchestral power, it’s all there! Listen now

Friesen Audio = Gijs Friesen

Sound designer – Composer – Audio Engineer

When I talk to people about my work, not many know the exact difference between sound design, composition, and audio mixing and mastering. And in my opinion, that’s great! I wouldn’t label a carpenter as a “Screwdriver Specialist” or a “Hammerist” either. The goal of a carpenter is simply to create a beautiful product using the best tools for the job.

That’s how I approach my work: I help content creators and businesses achieve the perfect sound for their production, utilizing music composition, sound design, and audio mixing/mastering as my tools.

Whether it’s creating a sound logo for a company, composing music and crafting soundscapes for a documentary-style podcast, recording/mixing music, or a combination of it all. The famous quote by audio pioneer Joe Meek says it all: “If it sounds right, it is right.”

What I can do for you

Sound design

Sound design and audio post production for radio/TV/online commercials, podcasts, explainer videos and everything in between.

For various clients, I’ve worked on productions for companies such as

Spotify, Audiohuis/NRC,, KPMG, Disney, KLM.

Music composition

Music composition for (award winning) podcasts, commercials or documentaires; creation of sound logos.

For various clients, I’ve worked on productions for companies such as

Rituals, BNR Nieuwsradio, Investment Officer, Het Financieele Dagblad, OBAM.

(Broadcast) music recording/mixing

Broadcast music engineer at radio stations such as Radio 538, NPO Radio 2, 3fm, Radio Veronica. There I mixed for a.o. Jason Mraz, Miss Montreal, Editors, Nielson, Joss Stone, Rita Ora, James Blunt.

Recording/mixing engineer for various music productions, primarily at  Wisseloord Studios and my own studio.


A very small selection of projects in diverse aspects of sound/music production in which I am involved. Or, in certain instances, a blend of nearly all aspects. 🙂

Achter Gesloten Deuren
Music composition, audio post production

De Houdbaarheid van de Voedsdelketen
Music composition, sound design

The Balvenie
Sound design, audio post production

In de Diepte – Baan door het Brein
Music composition

Radio 538 Koningsdag
Broadcast music mixing

Melle Live @ Soundz Live / Radio Veronica
Broadcast music mixing


Interview Audiohuis (Dutch)
“Met muziek en sound design kun je de focus van de luisteraar sturen”

Interview Interface Magazine (Dutch)
“Het geheim van een goede radiomix”

Article Resolution Magazine
“Mixing for radio, TV and Internet”

Tune in

Music composition for podcasts, sound design for commercials, or recording and mixing music in the renowned Wisseloord Studios… or a combination of it all.

Whatever your production needs, I’m excited to accompany you in finding the perfect sound!

Let me hear from you!

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