Working from my own studio…

My own studio serves as my home base. Every project takes its initial steps from here. So I wanted quality over quantity, with A-class equipment and instruments.

While you can create wonderful things with just a computer and virtual instruments, having good analog equipment and real instruments doesn’t limit you to possibilities predefined by a programmer. In short, a combination results in the fewest compromises and the most creative and musical freedom! 🙂

I have continually fine-tuned and set up the studio over time for high-end music production, sound design, and audio mixing tasks. For enthusiasts/nerds: in the studio, I use equipment from API Audio, Neve, Millennia, SSL, Elysia, Neumann, Fender American Performer Strat and Precision Bass, Taylor acoustic guitar, percussion from Sonor and Meinl, and software from companies like Native Instruments, Spitfire Audio, UAD, Avid (Pro Tools), Plugin Alliance, and iZotope.

…or from the famous Wisseloord Studios

However, at a crucial point, I did have to make a compromise in my own studio: the size. My studio is not large enough to accommodate a concert grand piano, a group of strings, or a jazz band. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to record all of them for the productions I’ve been working on recently.

For more extensive recordings, I work from the renowned Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum. Here, the possibilities are limitless, featuring top-notch instruments like the Steinway D concert grand piano and impeccable acoustics. With a recording area of 150 m2 in Studio 1, size is no longer a concern…

Lastly – but not to be overlooked – smart planning enables me to keep costs low, even for complex projects that need everything and more.

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